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    Here's an updated list of news articles that effect education administrators around the Commonwealth.  If you see an article with timely news information that you'd like to share with this community, please let us know.  Email director@paspa.org to share.

    *Note: EdWeek is a subscription-based news outlet that offers a limited number of free articles.

    Nearly 300,000 Teacher Jobs at Risk if Feds Don't Step Up, Big Districts Warn

    An article from EdWeek regarding possible nationwide teacher furloughs.

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    States Face Thorny Issues in Deciding When to Reopen Schools Post-Pandemic

    Across the nation, differing visions of how and when to reopen school buildings that were closed—many for the rest of the school year—to slow the spread of the coronavirus are creating tension among local, state, and federal officials. Article in EdWeek.

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    With Schools Shut Down, What Happens to Hiring?

    April is peak hiring time for schools, but with traditional hiring practices grinding to a halt during the COVID19 pandemic, districts are turning to alternative hiring strategies.

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    Top Viewed Posts on Leadership

    Dan Rockwell is a phenomenal resource for leadership and here is his list of the Top Viewed Posts on leadership. Definitely worth the read.

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    What This Principal Learned - and Changed - After His Day as a 'Student'

    A principal went back to school as a 4th grader and he shares what he learned and what he will be doing differently, moving forward.

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    With No Paid Parental Leave, Many Teachers Return to Class Before They're Ready

    Teachers spend their days taking care of other people’s children. But what happens when they have babies of their own?

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    How to Protect Your Company Against the High Quit Rate

    With a tight labor market, employers have to adapt to a higher standard demanded by in-demand talent. It's not just about higher pay anymore. Today's workers want more.

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    Who Knew? Life Begins (Again) at 65

    Life lessons from writer Bruce Horovitz on activity, finances, and flexibility after retirement.

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    New Tactic Emerges to Control Rx Spending

    While this is a long article, it is an interesting read about how some organizations are working to combat the high cost of specialty prescriptions.  This article offers pros and cons to this controversial approach.

    HR Magazine, Fall 2019

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    Hackers' Latest Target:  School Districts

    Schools handle a lot of personal data and may not have strong technology teams, leaving them vulnerable to attacks, experts say.

    Some hackers demand ransom; others sweep up personal data for sale to identity thieves. But whatever hackers’ motives, school systems around the country have been the targets of their cyberattacks.

    One attack forced the Houston County School District in Dothan, Ala., to delay the first day of school for 6,400 students. Others crippled computer systems at the Syracuse City School District in upstate New York and at three school districts in Louisiana.

    Many public institutions, including hospitalslocal governments and colleges, have been hit with ransomware attacks in recent years, but school districts have proved particularly enticing to hackers because they hold troves of private data and often lack the resources to fend off intruders...

    The New York Times, July 28, 2019

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    Pennsylvania budget deal boosts education spending, holds line on minimum wage, taxes

    Pennsylvania lawmakers said Monday they have struck a compromise on a spending plan that uses surplus dollars to spread around modest spending increases, hold the line on taxes and make a substantial deposit into a relatively bare budgetary reserve.

    The Morning Call, June 24, 2019

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    No more snow days? Pa. schools may soon allow kids to work at home

    In the near future, a snowy day may not translate into a day away from schoolwork.

    PennLive, June 24, 2019

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    When it comes to grading teachers in Pa., test scores could carry less weight

    Much like their students, public school teachers are evaluated for their performance. But student test scores may soon play a smaller role in how teachers are graded.

    PennLive, June 24, 2019

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