Conewago Valley School District

Director of Pupil Services- Conewago Valley School District in New Oxford, PA. Enrollment of approximately 4,500 students, Grades K-12, and annual budget of approximately 64 million.

Under the direction of the Superintendent and other Administrators, the Director of Pupil Services shall assist the Superintendent in providing leadership, vision and strategic direction for curriculum, instruction, assessment, school improvement initiatives, and professional development of principals and professional staff. The ultimate goal of the Director of Pupil Services shall be to develop, achieve, and maintain the best possible educational programs and services for students with across-the-board consistency and continuity when meeting individual student needs and enhancing programs and services.

The Director of Pupil Services shall plan, organize, and direct the overall functioning and management of the Special Education and Pupil Services Department, and collaborate and provide support to administrative and professional staff in meeting identified instructional goals of the District. The Director shall coordinate the efforts and focus of all offices and ancillary services within the Special Education and Pupil Services Department. The Director shall maintain close communication with administrative and professional staff to reduce fragmentation of efforts and to maximize coordinated efforts, and shall organize and/or work with respective Assistant Superintendents and other District administrators in preparation for their monthly meeting agendas.

This position directs special education programs, guidance services, psychological services, and pupil services. The Director shall provide administrative support to elementary and secondary principals and assistant superintendents with strong emphasis on special education procedural safeguards and technical assistance related to the Federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and the Pennsylvania School Code – namely Chapter 14 (Special Education Services and Programs), Chapter 15/Section 504 Service Agreements (Protected Handicapped Students), and Chapter 16 (Special Education for Gifted Students).

Requirements: A combination of any two of the following: Letter of Eligibility, K-12 Administrative certificate or Supervisor of Special Education Certificate. In addition, the following items will need to be submitted in order to be considered: university transcripts; current Act 24, Act 34, and Act 151 clearances; FBI fingerprints (dated within 1 year), three (3) letters of recommendation; application, resume, and cover letter.

Submit materials to: Mr. Joshua Lovejoy, Director of Human Resources, through email at

Application Deadline: November 22, 2019

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