Lebanon School District

School Psychologist
This employee is responsible for the delivery of comprehensive psychological services.
Duties of this position include but are not limited to:

1. Planning and Development:
a. Participation in the development of the comprehensive plan at the school and
district level
b. Participation in the development of short and long-term goals for the
school psychological services program
c. Participation on school and district committees
d. Participating as part of a Student Service Team

2. Services to Students:
a. Conducting comprehensive psychological evaluations that include but
are not limited to the assessment of intellectual, developmental,
academic, social/emotional and behavioral status
b. Assessment and data collection by use of informal or non-standardized
evaluation techniques
c. Interpreting and utilizing assessment data for the purpose of writing
psychological reports and developing written intervention plans
d. Counseling students individually and in groups
e. Providing crisis intervention
f. Utilizing the Student Service Team as a resource for students

3. Service to Parents:
a. Providing training on a wide variety of topics including but not limited
to child development and effective parenting
b. Assisting parents in locating available educational and mental health
c. Consulting with parents regarding psychoeducational information and

4. Service to Teachers:
a. Consulting with teachers and administrators regarding specific students
b. Assisting in the development of teacher implemented interventions
c. Assisting with school wide programs
d. Providing in-service training

5. Service to Community:
a. Participating in the development of educational and community
b. Working with communities to improve the lives of students

6. Professional Development:
a. Attending in-service meetings and conferences to develop professional
attitudes and skills
b. Maintaining professional skills through reading of current literature and
professional memberships

7. Program Evaluation:
a. Participating in program evaluation
b. Assisting in the design and implementation of program evaluation

8. Other Duties and Responsibilities:
a. Supervising school psychology interns and practicum students
b. Participation in research


1. Master's degree or above
2. State Certification in School Psychology


1. Training in accredited school psychology programs
2. Advanced training
3. Classroom teaching experience
4. Successful experience in like position
Deadline to apply is November 15, 2019